Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phylicia Rashad Calls 1-800-Jenny and She Answered

(Ed.'s Note: This story is a farce.)

Phylicia Rashad, who played Clair Huxtable on the long-running '80s TV show "The Cosby Show" is the new spokesperson for diet-plan Jenny Craig.

It's good to know she's clean after an addiction to crack cocaine, which apparently started or became more of a problem after she couldn't find work and the divorce from football commentator Ahmad Rashad.

Debbie Allen, spilled the T, telling the world about Phylicia secret drug habit, a few years ago.

"The truth needs to come out. She won't stay off the drugs. It's every single day. It's so ugly. She is so ugly. Uglier than she has ever been. Everyone is so scared she is going to OD," Debbie said. To add credence to her story, she provided Essence magazine with photos of Phylicia's drug nest and paraphernalia.

Phylicia would spend days locked up in her home smoking crack and sometimes forgetting to bathe.

Did we mention Debbie Allen is Phylicia's sister?


Debbie was a druggie too, just so you know. She admits to doing crack with Phylicia.

Wow! Hey!

Debbie also said:
*Rashad hallucinates and sees "demons" when she's high. She bites and beats herself black-and-blue but blames the "Devil" for the injuries. "The Devil be hitting me," Phylicia reportedly told Allen.

*When Rashad's sister, Debbie, forced her to attend rehab sessions in March 2004, Allen says, "Phylicia smoked crack on the way to the meetings and dodged the urine drug tests saying: "I'm not giving you no pee today. I don't have none right now."

*Phylicia allegedly has had major dental problems because of her drug use where it may be inevitable for her to have to use false teeth.

*Rashad smokes as much as an "eight-ball" (1/8 of an ounce) of crack at a time, mixing it with marijuana encased in a cigar wrapper, according to Debbie Allen.

*In 2004, Debbie Allen says her sister became paranoid and out-of-control in her Georgia home where Rashad was visiting her and Allen's husband, Norm Nixon, the former NBA player for whom she has been married to for 22 years. Nixon apparently lost his temper with Rashad and told Allen "Come get your sister. She is scaring me and the kids!"

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Anonymous said...

i neva knew that! are you serious? cuz this sounds like a joke. whoa...i still luv her tho

Shawnee said...

I'd like to see the interview where Debbie said all this. Surely little (*) signs do not prove validity. I'm sure such comments on Ms. Rashad, made by a family member for that matter, would have received more media attention...SO, I DONT BELIEVE NONE OF THIS MADNESS!!!! Continue to shine Phylicia-you're truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

This is a total lie! The article about her supposed crack problem was an April Fool's joke on a sit-com discussion web site.

If you read down the thread, the author of the original post admits it was a April Fool's prank and a total lie.


Anonymous said...

wow.... this is like, my she-ro. I didn't even know this!

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